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October 20 2017

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October 16 2017

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I’m slowly getting in the mood but don’t have the energy yet to do anything.

October 13 2017

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October 12 2017

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October 10 2017

October 09 2017

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The world of Airth. Literally torn apart by an ancient war between the gods who created it, Airth is divided into 4 sections:

1. the Stratos, a chain of islands high in the sky where the Sylph people live

2. The Rimland, a massive ring of continents and giant islands where Most of the inhabitants of Airth live. Wake lives here.

3. The Abyss, a stretch of atmosphere filled with incredible cloud formations and tiny floating islands. Limberg and Grimm are from here.

4. The Core, an ocean covered rocky sphere filled with colossal caves. The Tengru, monsters and beasts, and the Dark Lord live down here.

There is a prophecy that the Dark Lord will regain his power and destroy what’s left of Airth to start a new planet with him as ruler. The only thing that can stop him is the Star Seed. It is the key to making Airth whole again and destroying the darkness forever. But is the Star Seed only a myth?


#inktober #inktober2015 #SkyHeartComic

This is an AWESOME idea for a world!

August 28 2017

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R.I.P. Tobe Hooper, horror pioneer (1943 – 2017)
I don’t believe in using too much graphic violence, although I’ve done it. It’s better to be suggestive and to allow the viewer to fill in the blanks in their minds.

August 25 2017

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Krystal found my Halloween costume this year: Rockabilly Wolfman. Thanks!

August 22 2017

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August 15 2017

「Ponzu Sheep Follower」を公開しました


Twitterフォロワーの方々からご要望いただき、 2015福袋Modに入れさせて頂いたひつじをフォロワー化しました。 モフモフです。


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Does anyone have or know where to download this mod? The link is broken.

August 04 2017

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Jennifer Tilly’s wardrobe porn in ‘Bride of Chucky’.

June 30 2017

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Ahh, the little ones, inhabitants of the dream… They find hunters like yourself, worship, and serve them. Speak words, they do not, but still, aren’t they sweet?

they are so cute oh my gosh and can you be there friend

yes they’re the default friendly npc they bring you messages and sell you things


I don’t know or even really care what this is from, but these lil fellas are cute & I like em

Bloodborne (2015)

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One of my favorite quotes by the Tom Baker Doctor (Doctor Who).

June 26 2017

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Legend (1985)

June 21 2017

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She slept in my coffin at first curling her little fingers around my hair. Till the day came when she wanted one of her own. But still, whenever she awoke she would crawl into mine.

June 19 2017

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June 07 2017

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Last year, an Alien Xenomorph cookie jar was released. Now an Alien Egg cookie jar has hit the market, complete with a Facehugger lid to keep your snacks fresh. The ceramic product measures 9x5.5.

June 05 2017

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Always Tired

May 30 2017

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May 25 2017

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Happy 40th anniversary, #StarWars.

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